Mr. Fred McMahon, former manager of Chateau Frontenac, returns from west [1915]

Quebec Telegraph, May 20, 1915

Former manager of Chateau Was on Inspection tour

Mr. Fred McMahon, the former popular manager of the Chateau Frontenac, and now assistant superintendent of the C.P.R. hotel system, arrived in the city last evening, on his return from an extensive tour of inspection of the hotels of the company in the West. This inspection trip was made in company with Mr. F. L. Hutchinson, superintendent-in-chief.

In conversation with the Telegraph this morning Mr. McMahon stated that everything in the hotel line was very satisfactory. He stated that an exceptionally heavy tourist travel was expected in the West this summer, consequent of the Panama Exposition. At present hotel bookings had reached a record, while in the mountain hotels they are fifty per cent higher than at any time before.

Mr. McMahon has returned to Quebec to install the new manager of the Chateau, Mr. W. S. Detlor, who is due to arrive here on Sunday evening next.

Frederick McMahon, husband of Helen Catherine Buckley (dau. of James Buckley, California), married in Quebec, St. Bridget’s Chapel (Sainte-Brigitte de Laval?) , May 26, 1915.
Born December 1884, according to the 1911 Canadian census.